Castle Doctrine in Concealed Carry Classes Near Me

What Is Castle Doctrine?

Castle Doctrine in Concealed Carry Classes Near MeEarly in 2005, Florida lawmakers enacted the Castle Doctrine in order to provide law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves without fear of prosecution from the courts or from criminals or their families. Although the law received considerable negative publicity from the news media, it was not repealed, and the Castle Doctrine has saved the lives of many who would otherwise have become victims. When deciding which CCW class to take, ask yourself, “Will we cover Castle Doctrine in Concealed Carry Classes Near Me?”.

What is Castle Doctrine and how does it protect you? There are three objectives to the Castle Doctrine in Concealed Carry Classes Near Me:


  • It establishes the precept that anyone who illegally enters your home or your vehicle is there for illicit purposes, including killing you.
  • It removes the obligation that you back down or flee the scene when you are being attacked and provides that you can stand your ground and fight back. This applies when you are where you have a right to be, such as in your home. If you are illegally inside another person’s home or business, it doesn’t apply. It also doesn’t apply if you have provoked the other person into attacking you.
  • It prohibits prosecution for the use of deadly force against an invader or attacker. Neither the courts nor the victim and/or his or her family can sue you due to the injury or death of the perpetrator.

The Castle Doctrine doesn’t provide for vigilante tactics or wanton killing. Rather, it provides victims the right to protect themselves and their families with the use of force, up to and including deadly force. The Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground are two separate pieces of legislation: the Castle Doctrine applies when you are inside your home and Stand Your Ground applies when you are outside. Each of these has its own rules, so it’s important to know which applies to a specific situation.

What will you learn about the Castle Doctrine at Mad Dog Armory? We believe that it’s best to avoid a fight if you can. Sometimes, you can’t. We’ll teach you how to determine if deadly force will be necessary, give you the training necessary to use it, and explain some of the ramifications. Taking a life is serious. Even if someone is intent on harming you or your family, you have to decide for yourself if killing them is something that you can live with. This decision should be well thought out beforehand, not at the time of the crisis.

We’ll make sure you know the specifics of the Castle Doctrine and how they can affect you. Knowing that you have the right to defend yourself and your loved ones isn’t the same as having the confidence that comes from knowing that you have the training and skills to do so. We’ll help you with the skills necessary to be confident should the need arise.

If you’re wondering, “Are there any Castle Doctrine in Concealed Carry Classes Near Me?” the answer is a resounding yes! At Mad Dog Armory, we have several concealed carry classes including an all-female class. We also have a firearms safety class and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff who can answer all of your questions. So wonder no more about “Are there any concealed carry classes near me?” and call or email us today.