Is There an All-Female Concealed Weapons Permit Class?

Concealed Weapons Permit Class in Largo, FL

Concealed Weapons Permit ClassMore and more women these days are concerned about protecting themselves and are looking for a concealed carry class just for them. At Mad Dog Armory in Largo, Florida, we offer an all-female concealed weapons permit class that includes time in the classroom and on the gun range.

Our classes meet the state requirements for your Florida concealed carry permit. We will teach you what you need to know about federal and Florida firearms laws, including Stand Your Ground, the Castle Doctrine, and reciprocity. Learn how to exercise your Second Amendment rights safely and legally.

These days more women are realizing the need for self-defense, learning how to protect themselves with proper firearms training, and getting their concealed carry permits. Many women prefer to learn in our all-female class that is tailored to their specific needs and learning style.

Here are some reasons why more women are getting concealed carry permits:

– Being properly trained to carry concealed prepares you to defend yourself and your loved ones. There is a big difference between having a weapon with you and being a well-trained carry permit holder.

– Your husband or partner will have more peace of mind when you are out alone, knowing that you have the proper skills and training to protect yourself.

– You will become more confident and feel more secure when you carry concealed and have been properly trained.

– You will feel more aware of your surroundings from knowing you are carrying concealed and have gone through the training. This actually makes it less likely that you will need to use your firearm to defend yourself since you will be better at noticing suspicious situations before they become threats.

Transporting your handgun in your car legally is easier when you have a concealed carry permit. The rules are more lenient for permit holders.
Whether you are new to firearms or an experienced shooter just looking to get your carry permit, we can help. For those people who aren’t already proficient with a weapon, we offer and recommend a Firearm Safety Class.

At Mad Dog Armory, we offer a wide range of training, whether you’re looking to get your concealed carry permit, learn basic firearm safety, or just improve your skills. We also offer training in non-lethal methods of self-defense such as sprays and tasers.

We have male and female Certified Firearm Instructors. We even have private, one-on-one training available.

Mad Dog Armory is located in Largo in central Pinellas County, so it’s easy to get to from anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area. We are a local business founded, owned, and run by the Biltz family.

We are a full-service, federally-licensed firearms dealer, so come shop with us and see our full line of firearms, ammo, accessories, and non-lethal self-defense products. We are also a proud NRA affiliate and a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

If you or the lady in your life are looking for an all-female concealed weapons permit class, come see us at Mad Dog Armory on Seminole Boulevard in Largo, FL.