Is There a Difference Between CCW Classes and CWP Classes?

ccw classes largo floridaThe CCW Classes Difference

Here at Mad Dog Armory we are frequently asked about the CWP/CCW classes. These names are actually interchangeable and mean basically the same thing. They both refer to a license to carry a concealed weapon. Below is a breakdown of the meaning behind these acronyms:

CCW stands for “Concealed Carry Weapon” Permit.
CWP stands for “Concealed Weapons Permit.

The CCW class is an actual permitting class, you will need to be familiar with handling your firearm prior to attending this class. If you need to learn the basics about handling your gun, please make sure to visit our Firearm Safety class. Upon completion of this class you will then be able to qualify to take the concealed license permitting course. While not mandatory, it is highly recommended you take this course if you are not yet proficient in handling a firearm.

What Will Be Covered in the CCW Classes?

Your instructor will share all of the information on how to responsibly carry in the State of Florida. Just some of these topics included are Chapter 790 Florida Statutes, Castle Doctrines, Reciprocity and much more. Here at Mad Dog Armory we call this course a Basic Concealed Class and you can learn more about the price as well under the education tab of our website.

You will be able to receive your certificate of completion on the same day once you finish the 2 hour course. Mad Dog Armory makes the registration process easy. Make sure to Contact Us today to learn about available class dates and to register for the next course.

Once you have completed the basic Concealed Class with Mad Dog Armory, you can then apply for the CCW Permit.

To receive your concealed carry permit in the State of Florida there will be a short list of steps to complete:

Obtain a passport sized photograph of yourself
Take a firearm safety class which you have already done with Mad Dog Armory most likely by taking our Basic Concealed Class.
If you had a criminal charge at some point, please obtain a copy of your records.
Get fingerprinting done at your local sheriff’s office.
Complete the application.
Have your application notarized.
Submit payment for your concealed Carry Permit.
Send this all in.

If this seems a bit daunting do not fret! The staff at Mad Dog Armory can help guide you upon completion of you Basic Concealed Class.

We are excited to work with you in completing the steps to finally being able to carry your concealed firearm. We have all been in your shoes and want to make sure that you complete the process with the less amount of headaches possible.

If you have any more questions about CWP, CCW classes, or the recommended Firearm Safety course go ahead and give us a ring today. We are continuously updating our offerings and want to make sure you feel 100% comfortable in taking the classes that you need to obtain your permit.