Basic Concealed Class…$75.00

We provide you with information you’ll need to responsibly carry in State of Florida. Topics include Stand your ground, Reciprocity, Castle Doctrine and other important Chapter 790, Florida Statutes. You will get your Certificate of Completion the same day and ALL of the tools you’ll need to make the application process to the State of Florida easy breezy! THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER CLASS. You must be proficient with a firearm PRIOR to attending this class.

Class is a minimum of 2 Hours. $75/per person includes classroom instruction and a firearm is provided for the live fire portion of the class. To reserve your spot in class click here. If you searched for “Basic Concealed Carry Classes Near Me”, now you can join this class!

**PLEASE NOTE: To legally carry a gun concealed you MUST be proficient with a firearm.

We suggest attending our Firearm Safety Class which, upon completion, will also qualify you to receive your Concealed License legally and is a better fit. Click HERE

concealed weapons permit class