ADVANCED PISTOL Course…$225.00

Take your training to the next level with this EXCLUSIVE Mad Dog Armory course.

Practical exercises include drawing from a holster/re-holstering, movement on targets, magazine changes during drills, 5,5,5 drills, practical dot torture, simple barrier courses in 2 stages, simple room clearing & much, much, more.

This course is like no other!! We include 200 Rounds of 9mm ammo, and 3.5 hours of range time.

This course is 4 hours, 3.5 of which is solely range time for an ALL inclusive deal. We are so confident that this is the best course in the Bay, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Book your spot TODAY, these classes are a 2-to-1 ratio students to instructor and spots are filling up fast!

This is an advanced class and as such you must have taken Mad Dog’s firearm safety class before booking or you can participate in a pre-qual with an associate prior to the course for an additional fee.