Uphold Your Second Amendment Rights!

Educate Yourself By Reviewing The Laws & Taking ccw classes

second amendment rights and mad dog armory ccw classes.jpgWord for word, the second amendment says, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The second amendment of the United States constitution guarantees your right to keep and bear arms. Politicians have been trying for years to crack down on our right to bear arms. And for years, Mad Dog Armory has been working to protect the second amendment while educating the community on how to defend themselves and safely use weapons.

You too can help prevent the government from banning guns by knowing what your 2nd amendment rights include and do not include, upholding your second amendment rights, and taking CCW classes or other gun-related classes to legally and responsibly use firearms.

What is a Militia?

To fully understand the second amendment, you must know what the terminology means. A militia is a military force from the civil population. Its meaning in the United States has changed over the years. According to George Mason during the Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution in 1778, “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”

Currently, there are two types of militias in the U.S.: organized and unorganized. The organized militia consists of state forces, such as the National Guard (not the same thing as the National Guard of the United States) and Naval Militia. Every able-bodied man from 17-44 years old who is not a member of the National Guard or Naval Militia is considered the unorganized militia.

What are Arms?

The second amendment declares that you have the right to bear arms. At the time the U.S. Constitution was written, “arms” meant weapons that included guns but were not limited to guns. Interestingly, the right to bear arms is perceived as a natural or God-given right, so it’s not really the government granting this right. The second amendment serves as a reminder to the government that they can’t infringe on this natural human right to protect yourself with weapons. This is why the amendment ends with “shall not be infringed”.

Restrictions Around Owning a Firearm

In order to keep people safe, the federal government has passed several laws regulating the owning and bearing of arms. For example, people who are mentally ill cannot own guns. Machine guns were outlawed because they aren’t necessary for self-defense and it’s too easy to kill multiple people quickly with machine guns. Firearms cannot be taken into schools or government buildings either.

Own a Weapon and Earn Your License to Carry Concealed Weapons

Aside from understanding your second amendment rights and additional state and federal laws surrounding responsible gun ownership, you should take CCW classes and other gun-related classes for your safety. A CCW class or concealed carry class will permit you to obtain a concealed carry license. In Florida, only the state can issue you the license. CCW classes enable you to receive a concealed carry license.

Mad Dog Armory offers concealed carry classes that provide you with all the information you need to know receive a Florida concealed carry license. Examples of topics covered in the course include Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine, and Reciprocity. You will learn the legalities involved and what the laws allow and do not allow, so that you don’t unintentionally misuse your ability to carry a concealed weapon.

A CCW class is not for beginners, so make sure you first learn how to use a firearm before signing up for this class. You cannot carry a concealed gun unless you know how to safely use it.

The best way to uphold your second amendment rights is to understand what they are and be prepared to defend them in the worst-case scenario. If you’re uncomfortable around guns, then find a way to defend yourself that works for you. For instance, you can learn how to use other weapons like pepper spray and Tasers. You can also master a martial art. Whatever you do, it’s important to learn some form of self-defense.

Is There an All-Female Concealed Weapons Permit Class?

Concealed Weapons Permit Class in Largo, FL

Concealed Weapons Permit ClassMore and more women these days are concerned about protecting themselves and are looking for a concealed carry class just for them. At Mad Dog Armory in Largo, Florida, we offer an all-female concealed weapons permit class that includes time in the classroom and on the gun range.

Our classes meet the state requirements for your Florida concealed carry permit. We will teach you what you need to know about federal and Florida firearms laws, including Stand Your Ground, the Castle Doctrine, and reciprocity. Learn how to exercise your Second Amendment rights safely and legally.

These days more women are realizing the need for self-defense, learning how to protect themselves with proper firearms training, and getting their concealed carry permits. Many women prefer to learn in our all-female class that is tailored to their specific needs and learning style.

Here are some reasons why more women are getting concealed carry permits:

– Being properly trained to carry concealed prepares you to defend yourself and your loved ones. There is a big difference between having a weapon with you and being a well-trained carry permit holder.

– Your husband or partner will have more peace of mind when you are out alone, knowing that you have the proper skills and training to protect yourself.

– You will become more confident and feel more secure when you carry concealed and have been properly trained.

– You will feel more aware of your surroundings from knowing you are carrying concealed and have gone through the training. This actually makes it less likely that you will need to use your firearm to defend yourself since you will be better at noticing suspicious situations before they become threats.

Transporting your handgun in your car legally is easier when you have a concealed carry permit. The rules are more lenient for permit holders.
Whether you are new to firearms or an experienced shooter just looking to get your carry permit, we can help. For those people who aren’t already proficient with a weapon, we offer and recommend a Firearm Safety Class.

At Mad Dog Armory, we offer a wide range of training, whether you’re looking to get your concealed carry permit, learn basic firearm safety, or just improve your skills. We also offer training in non-lethal methods of self-defense such as sprays and tasers.

We have male and female Certified Firearm Instructors. We even have private, one-on-one training available.

Mad Dog Armory is located in Largo in central Pinellas County, so it’s easy to get to from anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area. We are a local business founded, owned, and run by the Biltz family.

We are a full-service, federally-licensed firearms dealer, so come shop with us and see our full line of firearms, ammo, accessories, and non-lethal self-defense products. We are also a proud NRA affiliate and a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

If you or the lady in your life are looking for an all-female concealed weapons permit class, come see us at Mad Dog Armory on Seminole Boulevard in Largo, FL.

Are CCW Classes Mandatory? Who Should & Should Not Take Them?

The Skinny on CCW Classes Largo, FL

ccw classes largo fl


Deciding to obtain a CCW license is one of the most important decisions you can make. In a life-threatening situation, a “good guy with a gun” can save lives. However, it’s not as easy as simply purchasing a firearm and carrying it everywhere. In most states, this requires attending CCW classes and applying for a license. Concealed carry laws vary from one state to another.


Is a CCW License Mandatory?

In the state of Florida, you need a license to carry a concealed weapon. Carrying a firearm in public without a license is a third-degree felony that can land you in prison, even as a first-time offender. Although it does have to be proven that you knowingly carried the firearm, there’s no requirement stating that it must have been your intention to conceal it.

Note that while you do not need a license to possess a firearm in your vehicle, it has to be securely encased and not in your manual possession. This makes it possible to transport your firearms to and from the range but does nothing to ensure that you can get to it quickly. The law states that there cannot be a concealed weapon “on or about the person,” which would include areas readily accessible, such as the glove compartment and vehicle interior. Thus, your safest bet (without a license) is to keep it in the trunk, unloaded, in a secure case.

Who Should Get a License?

We live in an increasingly dangerous world and as if crime wasn’t enough, terrorism can occur virtually anywhere. It’s not unreasonable to anticipate danger around the next corner. When faced with danger, you can either fight, flee or submit. Submitting could cost you your life or the lives of others. Fleeing is often the smartest course of action, provided you can get away. Fighting gives you an additional option and the choice to do so is one you’ll probably have to make on the spot.

Should you get a CCW license? Here at Mad Dog Armory, we believe the answer depends greatly on whether you can handle the responsibility of carrying a loaded firearm. It’s up to you to learn gun safety and how to shoot properly, since you are responsible for where each round goes. If you’re okay with that and would like to take charge of your own safety, then you should get your license.

Who Should Not Get a License?

The biggest reason not to get your license is being unsure that you can handle the responsibility. Not only do you have to decide whether it’s smart to draw your weapon in a dangerous situation, but you also have to be skilled enough to avoid hurting innocent bystanders. You should never point your weapon at anything you’re not willing to destroy.

If you have a felony conviction, can’t pass a background check, have been committed to a mental institution or have been dishonorably discharged from the military, it will not be possible to take CCW classes at Mad Dog Armory. In Florida, even certain misdemeanors can get you denied.

Ultimately, the choice to obtain a CCW license is up to you. The right to bear arms is outlined in the 2nd Amendment and it goes without saying that threats to your life and liberty are even more prevalent outside the safety of your home. To take CCW classes, visit our classes page. We hope to see you soon!

Where Can’t I Carry Guns With My Concealed Weapons Permit?

More Insight Into the Concealed Weapons Permit

Where Can’t I Carry With My Concealed Weapons Permit?When it comes to carrying your concealed weapon in Florida, there aren’t many places you can’t take it. Keep in mind WHEREVER you take your weapon, it must be concealed and you MUST have your Concealed Weapons Permit. You can have your weapon with you at the beach, the mall, a movie theater, restaurants, and even at work. There are far more places you can bring your gun, rather than places you can’t. For decades, Americans have fought over the right to bare arms. We have the right to carry a concealed weapon, however there are some places Florida legislature has forbidden concealed weapons. It’s extremely important to know where you cannot carry your concealed weapon, because the law matters.

In the state of Florida, you cannot carry your concealed weapon at the following places:

  • A place of nuisance (house of prostitution or gang activity, etc.)
  • A place where people vote
  • A police department, sheriff’s office, or highway patrol station
  • Any detention facility, jail or prison
  • Any courthouse or courtroom
  • Any meeting place used by a county, school board or special district
  • Any meeting of the legislature or committee
  • Any school, college or professional athletic event
  • Any elementary or secondary school
  • Any career center
  • Any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages as it’s main purpose
  • Any college or university facility
  • Any airport
  • Anywhere federal law prohibits the carrying of firearms

Some of the forbidden places listed above can be questionable. For instance, there is not a clear line between restaurants that serve alcohol and a bar. Defining a “place of nuisance” can also be a sticky situation. Who determines what is considered a place of nuisance? Florida defines “a place of nuisance” as any place or situation that annoys the community, injures the health of the community, or goes against the morals of community members. A place of nuisance can be considered a house of prostitution, places used for illegal gambling, or places deemed to have criminal or gang activity. When determining what is considered a place a nuisance or the difference between a restaurant that serves alcohol and bar, it’s ultimately up to police officers and people of the court. All you can do is abide by the state rules, use your best judgement and always have your weapon concealed- where it’s allowed.

If you ARE convicted of carrying a concealed weapon where it’s not allowed, there can be major consequences. Such consequences are fines (that vary by state), jail time and probation. Instead of sending you to jail, a judge can also sentence you to probation. Always, always have your Concealed Weapons Permit on you, have your weapon concealed, and don’t bring your weapon to forbidden areas.

At Mad Dog Armory, we offer Firearm Safety & Concealed Weapons Permit classes in a comfortable teaching classroom. All our instructors are trained and certified by the National Rifle Association and are Range Safety Officers. We will provide you with the most necessary and up-to-date information to keep you safe and informed. Visit http://mdarmory.com/ for more information!

Is There a Difference Between CCW Classes and CWP Classes?

ccw classes largo floridaThe CCW Classes Difference

Here at Mad Dog Armory we are frequently asked about the CWP/CCW classes. These names are actually interchangeable and mean basically the same thing. They both refer to a license to carry a concealed weapon. Below is a breakdown of the meaning behind these acronyms:

CCW stands for “Concealed Carry Weapon” Permit.
CWP stands for “Concealed Weapons Permit.

The CCW class is an actual permitting class, you will need to be familiar with handling your firearm prior to attending this class. If you need to learn the basics about handling your gun, please make sure to visit our Firearm Safety class. Upon completion of this class you will then be able to qualify to take the concealed license permitting course. While not mandatory, it is highly recommended you take this course if you are not yet proficient in handling a firearm.

What Will Be Covered in the CCW Classes?

Your instructor will share all of the information on how to responsibly carry in the State of Florida. Just some of these topics included are Chapter 790 Florida Statutes, Castle Doctrines, Reciprocity and much more. Here at Mad Dog Armory we call this course a Basic Concealed Class and you can learn more about the price as well under the education tab of our website.

You will be able to receive your certificate of completion on the same day once you finish the 2 hour course. Mad Dog Armory makes the registration process easy. Make sure to Contact Us today to learn about available class dates and to register for the next course.

Once you have completed the basic Concealed Class with Mad Dog Armory, you can then apply for the CCW Permit.

To receive your concealed carry permit in the State of Florida there will be a short list of steps to complete:

Obtain a passport sized photograph of yourself
Take a firearm safety class which you have already done with Mad Dog Armory most likely by taking our Basic Concealed Class.
If you had a criminal charge at some point, please obtain a copy of your records.
Get fingerprinting done at your local sheriff’s office.
Complete the application.
Have your application notarized.
Submit payment for your concealed Carry Permit.
Send this all in.

If this seems a bit daunting do not fret! The staff at Mad Dog Armory can help guide you upon completion of you Basic Concealed Class.

We are excited to work with you in completing the steps to finally being able to carry your concealed firearm. We have all been in your shoes and want to make sure that you complete the process with the less amount of headaches possible.

If you have any more questions about CWP, CCW classes, or the recommended Firearm Safety course go ahead and give us a ring today. We are continuously updating our offerings and want to make sure you feel 100% comfortable in taking the classes that you need to obtain your permit.