Where Can’t I Carry Guns With My Concealed Weapons Permit?

More Insight Into the Concealed Weapons Permit

Where Can’t I Carry With My Concealed Weapons Permit?When it comes to carrying your concealed weapon in Florida, there aren’t many places you can’t take it. Keep in mind WHEREVER you take your weapon, it must be concealed and you MUST have your Concealed Weapons Permit. You can have your weapon with you at the beach, the mall, a movie theater, restaurants, and even at work. There are far more places you can bring your gun, rather than places you can’t. For decades, Americans have fought over the right to bare arms. We have the right to carry a concealed weapon, however there are some places Florida legislature has forbidden concealed weapons. It’s extremely important to know where you cannot carry your concealed weapon, because the law matters.

In the state of Florida, you cannot carry your concealed weapon at the following places:

  • A place of nuisance (house of prostitution or gang activity, etc.)
  • A place where people vote
  • A police department, sheriff’s office, or highway patrol station
  • Any detention facility, jail or prison
  • Any courthouse or courtroom
  • Any meeting place used by a county, school board or special district
  • Any meeting of the legislature or committee
  • Any school, college or professional athletic event
  • Any elementary or secondary school
  • Any career center
  • Any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages as it’s main purpose
  • Any college or university facility
  • Any airport
  • Anywhere federal law prohibits the carrying of firearms

Some of the forbidden places listed above can be questionable. For instance, there is not a clear line between restaurants that serve alcohol and a bar. Defining a “place of nuisance” can also be a sticky situation. Who determines what is considered a place of nuisance? Florida defines “a place of nuisance” as any place or situation that annoys the community, injures the health of the community, or goes against the morals of community members. A place of nuisance can be considered a house of prostitution, places used for illegal gambling, or places deemed to have criminal or gang activity. When determining what is considered a place a nuisance or the difference between a restaurant that serves alcohol and bar, it’s ultimately up to police officers and people of the court. All you can do is abide by the state rules, use your best judgement and always have your weapon concealed- where it’s allowed.

If you ARE convicted of carrying a concealed weapon where it’s not allowed, there can be major consequences. Such consequences are fines (that vary by state), jail time and probation. Instead of sending you to jail, a judge can also sentence you to probation. Always, always have your Concealed Weapons Permit on you, have your weapon concealed, and don’t bring your weapon to forbidden areas.

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